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The Brief

Activision mobile games studio The Blast Furnace wanted an engaging website to support their work on best-selling games including the mobile version of Call of Duty. The Blast Furnace needed an experience that was as engaging as their cutting edge games. Crucially, the website had to work across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Static pages weren't enough though. The studio wanted a next generation experience for website visitors which brought the creative from their games to life. Full-screen animated visuals were required. calls9 was engaged to design and develop the website working with Activision's staff both in the UK and California.

The Design

The design team started by identifying the key characters and scenes in each of the featured games. From there they requested custom visuals from The Blast Furnace's art team to support this vision. The visuals were used to create scenes from the games which aimed to draw in website visitors to find out more about each title.

Individual game assets were layered on top of each other to create a sense of depth and perspective. This also supported the team's most compelling visual effect - mobile parallax scrolling. This is an effect which is itself borrowed from the games industry. It helps create a sense of motion by having foreground and background objects move at different speeds and makes for a truly engaging experience.

The Technology

To support the design team's creative vision our developers used the latest web technologies. Our developers started by considering how the scenes would function on devices with different screen sizes. This meant creating different layout configurations for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Not only would this affect the position of the assets but it would affect their size. Code was built which carried out calculations to determine the correct position and size of each asset as the screen size changed.

The next task was to animate the assets. Each asset layer would be animated at a slightly different speed to create the parallax effect. Subtle animation effects were used to create smooth animations to gradually slow down assets and create realistic movement. The code was designed to work across many different desktop and mobile devices.

The Results

The result for The Blast Furnace was a responsive website that combined high-quality visuals with cinematic movement to showcase their games and draw in website visitors. The studio's games were cross platform built for iOS and Android and were downloaded by millions of users worldwide.

The right use of technology meant we were able to deliver content to all these users no matter what device they viewed the website on. It also meant The Blast Furnace's demanding mobile users had a website that stacked up to their expectations of the games themselves.

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