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The simple way to share knowledge, improve internal communication and connect your team

Share Knowledge & Documents

Share Knowledge & Documents

Structured Guides provide quick and easy access to the most important knowledge within your business.

Train Teams & Reward Engagement

Train Teams & Reward Engagement

Calls9 Knowledge Plus makes it quick and easy to setup custom learning objectives for your employees.

Drive Business Processes

Drive Business Processes

Generate key documentation on demand and drive standardised business processes.

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Our customers love the simplicity of Calls9 Knowledge Plus. Find out how they are getting the most out of it by exploring the Use Cases.

Calls9 Knowledge Plus helps sales and marketing teams drive sales by ensuring their teams are on brand and on message.

With integrated deal tracking and optional Salesforce integration Calls9 Knowledge Plus can help drive overall sales efficiency.

By using Calls9 Knowledge Plus Smoothwall was able to better serve their network of software resellers and gain greater insight into the effectiveness of their sales activity.

Sales Enablement

Calls9 Knowledge Plus makes it quick and easy to manage your internal communications.

The product combines real-time messaging, company-wide news articles, an employee directory and live chat (coming soon!).

By centralising communucations in an easy to use platform that works across desktop, tablet and mobile, organisations like automative leader cap hpi are bringing their teams closer together and giving their teams the information they need when they need it.

Internal Comms

Calls9 Knowledge Plus is the ultimate way to manage knowledge for busy organisations.

The product makes it quick and easy to upload text, videos, images and files. This information can then be shared with specific users or groups of users. All information is available across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Interlaw provides intra-law firm networking services for over 7,000 lawyers globally. Using Calls9 Knowledge Plus they can ensure their members have access to key information wherever they are.

Knowledge Management

Calls9 Knowledge Plus contains powerful yet easy to use Compliance management features.

Compliance rules can be assigned to users stipulating they read and engage with certain content. Administrators can view compliance reports and update content triggering compliance reminders for relevant users.

Calls9 Knowledge Plus supports the retail managers of Jimmy Choo manage Health and Safety policies on the ground across 30 retail stores in Europe by providing easy access to information across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Compliance Management

Calls9 Knowledge Plus is a powerful way to train and engage staff.

Text, images, videos and files can be uploaded and shared with staff. These assets can be packaged into Guides which form the basis of Compliance rules. Staff can then be measured on their engagement with this content.

Hovingham Primary School has a growing team of almost 100 staff. They use Calls9 Knowledge Plus as a central place to store key policies and documentation.

The product makes it easy for them to train their staff and monitor their progress.

Staff Training

Packed with features to benefit the most demanding companies

Share key knowledge inside your business

Calls9 Knowledge Plus has structured information guides that provide quick and easy access to the most important knowledge within your business.

Easy to use forms mean that adding content is easy, whether customers, employees or administrators.

You can keep everyone who uses Calls9 Knowledge Plus up to date through the sophisticated but easy to manage messaging and bulletin system that utilises email and push notifications.

These systems help any business keep on top of key areas like compliance, and all this can be delivered to you as a customised design, built in a bespoke way to meet your requirements.

Share key knowledge inside your business

Train teams and reward engagement

Content in the guides whether for compliance or just as accessible knowledge for all, enables team training and group working.

This is coupled with a system that encourages user engagement through achievements that can be tracked for individuals, which in turn drives teamwork to meet goals.

As content is critical it needs to be accurate, an employee feedback mechanism exists that helps act as a quality measure on anything published in the information guides.

Train teams and reward engagement

Drive business processes

The guides and forms can be utilised across many internal operational areas, you can integrate commonly used forms such as Personnel forms, New Business Enquiries, Purchase Requests and have all information come into and be managed centrally.

This removes the need to have multiple copies of the information in separate areas and ensures consistency in terms of the information quality and keeping everything up to date.

One of the latest requested features enables you to build compelling presentations from content within guides and publish easily in PDF format. This is managed through adding content directly into pre-defined presentation templates.

Drive business processes

Powerful analytics

Our websites and apps include industry-leading analytics so you can measure the effectiveness of your content and track user engagement.

We take an integrated approach which means you can view analytics for all your content and users in a single dashboard.

Powerful analytics

Easy to use and fully supported

The ability to manage and use the information is key to every business. Calls9 Knowledge Plus has been designed to be easy and quick to use for all those that need the information stored within it.

Whether it is adding content, setting up messaging or automatic bulletins, the interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Easy to use and fully supported

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