Information management system for digital content

The digital content and communications platform for websites, apps and intranets.

Content - Write once, publish everywhere

Calls9 Nucleus makes it quick and easy to manage multiple websites and apps from a single dashboard.

All changes in Calls9 Nucleus are pushed to any connected website or app in real-time.

This saves time, ensures consistency of content across multiple platforms and allows you to focus on running your business.

Communication - Real-time engagement

Calls9 Nucleus features built-in messaging functionality that allows you to talk directly to your users via email, SMS and mobile push notifications.

Communicating with your users across multiple digital channels is now as simple as typing a message, selecting your audience and clicking 'Send'!

Analytics - Actionable insight

Calls9 Nucleus features powerful yet simple-to-use analytics functionality.

Using Calls9 Nucleus you can measure the effectiveness of your content across multiple channels and see how your users interact with your digital estate.

All Calls9 websites and apps include this functionality but you can also bring this power to your own custom websites and apps.

Future-proofed - Any device, any platform

Calls9 Nucleus is built from the ground up to enable you to share your content across any platform and device.

We achieved this by building a powerful and flexible RESTful API at the centre of Calls9 Nucleus. The API can connect to existing databases and you can include this content along-side Calls9 Nucleus managed content.

This approach means that not only can you share content across virtually any device or platform but that you future-proof your ability to reach new platforms and devices.

Fully supported - Integrated support & hosting

All our websites and apps benefit from integrated hosting and support. No more juggling multiple contracts with different web design, hosting and IT support companies.

All information in Calls9 Nucleus is backed up daily and with complimentary security updates you can focus on running your business safe in the knowledge your website is being expertly managed.

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