Secure compliance management tools and systems

Private knowledge portals to share information and track compliance.

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Secure knowledge portals

Our Knowledge Portals allow you to organise knowledge and documents to be securely accessed by your business.

Information is grouped into Guides which contain Chapters, Glossaries and Documents.

Chapters can contain rich text, images and embedded videos bringing your information to life.

User specific access

With user specific access you can make sure your users only see content that is relevant to them.

Strong security and access restrictions also mean you can safely upload sensitive documents and information.

Track user compliance

Using the built-in compliance modules you can set compliance rules and apply these to your users.

For example, you could create a Sales Compliance Rule which covers all your sales and marketing documents. You would then assign this rule to your sales users who would be reminded to read the relevant information.

Via your Knowledge Portal dashboard you can quickly see overall and per user compliance.

Easy to manage

Every website we build runs on our industry-leading cloud platform - Calls9 Nucleus.

Nucleus makes it quick and easy to manage your website's content, communicate with your users and measure the effectiveness of your online presence.

Support & hosting included

All our websites benefit from integrated hosting and support. No more juggling multiple contracts with different web design, hosting and IT support companies.

All information in Calls9 Nucleus is backed up daily and with complimentary security updates you can focus on running your business safe in the knowledge your website is being expertly managed.

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