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Distributing the key information to the right people at the right time requires managers to always be aware of what information is moving about and who is receiving it.

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Trying to achieve this without utilising dependable online collaboration tools and systems is very difficult for your team. Not knowing who has access to what and if everyone has received the right information affects team productivity, is stressful and also hard to correct if it’s gone wrong.

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At Calls9 we believe a strong solution lies in centralising that knowledge and managing it from that place, with good reporting systems that track activity allowing for your teams to remotely collaborate in one place online that can be accessed anyway. Perfect for teams who work remotely, in separate offices or even on different floors of an office.

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  • It can be used on the go even when you are not in the office
  • Complete analytics to ensure total visibility on engagement
  • Quick setup and flexible usage based pricing

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